Polichromo 07.11.17

  • Teiji Ito, Meshes of the afternon, Music for Maya, Tzadik, 2007

  • Harmut Geerken & The Art Emsmble of Chicago, No point(excerpt), Zero sun/No point, Leo records, 2001

  • Sun Ra, Frienly galaxy n 2, Nuits de la fondation Maeght vol 2, Shandar, 1972

  • Terry Riley, Mice, Lifespan, Stip records, 1975

  • Aksak Maboul, Animaux velpeau, Onze danses pour combattre la migraine, Crammed discs, 1977

  • Wolf Vostell, Il giardino delle delizie (excerpt), il giardino delle delizie(fluxus opera), Multhipla records, 1984

  • Marcel Duchamp, La mariee mise a nu par ses celibataires, meme, Mats Pesson & Kristine Scholz. Ives/Duchamp/Cage, Caprice, 1982

  • Oskar Sala, Interlude for some percussion effects, Electronic virtuosity, Selected Sound, 1970

  • Harry Partch, And the seventh day petals fell in Petaluma(excerpt), And the seventh day petals fell in Petaluma, C.R.I., 1966