SheSaid.So Barcelona 14.02.19

For this February edition of SheSaid.So radio we explore some recent developments - our newly launched SheSaid.So Spain programme, plus an announcement with our plans for International Women’s Day on Friday 8th March. Dublab Radio hosts Mia Margetic, Annabelle Pain and Ella Carreras are joined by SSSo Barcelona boss lady Georgia Taglietti who talks us through the news, and fellow SSSo member Jay Samson swings through and provides a 30min guest mix…

  • Samson [30min mix]

  • Branko & Sango - Hear From You (feat. Cosima) - Nosso (Enchufada, 2019)

  • Brat Star - Burn The Baby With The Bathwater - (Bala Club, 2018)

  • Catnapp - No Cover - No Cover (Monkey Town Records, 2018)

  • RRUCCULLA - Icy Blue Coral - Shush (BIIPBIIP, 2018)