SheSaid.So Barcelona 25.10.18

Post ADE and for this month's episode of SheSaid.So Radio on DubLab BCN, Mia Margetic and DNS invite Ariane Paras onto the show to discuss 'The ingredients of a self-care routine that keeps you mentally and physically healthy'. With twenty years in the music and nightlife business and more than ten in personal development, Ariane is a Life Coach who helps artists and music industry professionals reach the next stage of their lives and careers with more balance, clarity and confidence. Listen back to the show to hear Ariane's 5 pilars of self care and head over to her website where she shares her tips on how to stay happy and anxiety-free

  • Lahun - Slow Love (Instrumental) - Slow Love (Apollo Records, 2016)

  • Cocteau Twins - My Truth - Four-Calendar Cafe (Mercury Records, 1993)

  • Mary Lattimore - Hello from the Edge of the Earth - Hundreds of Days  (Ghostly International, 2018)

  • Vangelis - Ask The Mountains - Voices (Warner Music UK, 1995)

  • Blue Gas - Shadows From Nowhere - Shadows From Nowhere (Best Record Italy, 2016)

  • Blond:ish - Circus - Circus (ABRACADABRA, 2018)

  • Khidja - Kraftfeld (Lena Willikens remix) - Impossible Holiday Remixes (Hivern, 2018)

  • Andhim - Miles to Go - Stay Close To Me (Superfriends Records, 2018)